Texting and Driving- Gov. Rick Perry vetoed bill

Texting and Driving- Gov. Rick Perry vetoed bill

The texting and driving bill, was one of eighty three bills that Governor Rick Perry vetoed this weekend.

After loosing a young teenage girl to texting and driving just a few months ago, the city of Tatum is a bit shaken up from the veto.

Wendy Williams says she had high hopes for the no texting and driving bill, she says, "I really wish it had passed, because I think it would've saved lives".

A few months ago, Lillian Propes passed away in a car accident, due to texting and driving.

And just a couple days later, her friends decided to create a new law for them to follow, "Lillie's law".

"You signed it and you put your drivers license number and said, I promise not to text and drive," says Courtnie Henry.

Lillie's law made a difference for the city of Tatum, Henry says, "I have texted and drive before but then I think to myself, this happened to one of my good friends, I don't want this to happen to me."

But Williams says they still wish it became a statewide law, "I think everyone in this area was probably a little disappointed, to know that didn't pass."

Governor Perry said the bill was an overreach and it was a government effort to micro manage the behavior of adults.

Governor Perry said in his veto statement that he recommends additional education on the issue of texting and driving in driving safety and driver's education courses, public ads, and announcements.

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