2 more workers fired from Mineola daycare

2 more workers fired from Mineola daycare

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - We're learning more about an East  Texas daycare center facing allegations after surveillance video was released by a former employee.

Two more employees contacted KLTV saying they were released from their duties at guiding light child care in Mineola.

The daycare owner wouldn't comment.

In the video you see a worker you see throwing a five-year-old onto a table.

That worker was fired last week.

The employee who shot this video was also fired.

Police say they're still investigating.

On Monday, KLTV received the following statement from the Department of Family and Protective services:

Based on an intake we received last week, our child care licensing division is conducting an investigation to see if any of the state standards were violated, the results of which will be published on our web site at the conclusion of our investigation.

If you want to check out how that state has rated this daycare or any daycare in Texas, visit the Big Red Box.

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