Chief Warrant Officer Gaudet laid to rest on Monday

Chief Warrant Officer Gaudet laid to rest on Monday

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - On Saturday, thousands of East Texans lined Highway 80 to honor Chief Warrant Officer Brad Gaudet of Gladewater.

Gaudet was killed two weeks ago in Afghanistan in a helicopter crash.

Southwest Airlines paid for Gaudet's body to be flown back to Texas.

First Baptist Church in Gladewater was surrounded by supporters, motorcycles, and waving American flags, as Gaudet was laid to rest on Monday.

And Brad Gaudet's friends say that's fitting for a man that loved his country so much.

Josh Verner knew Brad when they were kids, and that friendship was still there when they were both in college. He told us that his friend was the ultimate go-getter.

Military service members, and Congressman Louie Gohmert were joined by hundreds of other mourners as Gaudet's body was finally laid to rest.

And many of them, didn't even know him.

Gaudet was on his third tour of duty. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters, who live in central New York.

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