Two teens arrested in Rusk Co.

Two teens arrested in Rusk Co.

Released by The Rusk County Sheriff's Department:

On Thursday, June 16, 2011, at approximately 8:00 am, the Rusk County Sheriff's Office dispatched Patrol Deputy Tray Anderson to a residence on County Road 140D, in Overton, in reference to a Criminal Mischief.

Once Deputy Anderson arrived at the scene he received information from the victim concerning damage to their mailbox and newspaper box. As he examined the damage he noticed footprints around the mailbox. After an investigation of the footprints, Deputy Anderson located the two teenage suspects responsible for the damage to the boxes. However, what Deputy Anderson didn't know was he was about to receive information that would solve 11 separate cases of Burglary of a Vehicle, filed with Rusk County Sheriff's Office, which occurred within a two week period.

The two suspects, ages 15, of Kilgore, and 16, of Overton, admitted to Deputy Anderson they were responsible for the damage to the mailbox. In addition the teenagers begin to tell Deputy Anderson about other crimes they had committed in the area, and led him to evidence they had hidden in different places in the area.

The two suspects were then escorted to the Rusk County Sheriff's Office where they were interviewed by a Rusk County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigator. The suspects admitted to breaking in and removing items from 11 separate vehicles and hiding the items in the woods and other areas.

Both suspects were charged with 11 counts of Burglary of a Vehicle and transported to the Juvenile Processing Office, in Henderson, Rusk County, Texas. The two suspects will go before County Court at Law, Judge Chad Dean, sometime later today.

Sheriff Danny R. Pirtle stated Deputy Tray Anderson's diligent work and cooperation from the suspects parents, help solve this crime, as well as, 11 other crimes. Deputy Anderson is to be commended for a job well done.