Proud of East Texas: Fathers

Proud of East Texas: Fathers

By Joan Hallmark

Although Father's Day was inaugurated in the early twentieth century to compliment Mother's Day, it wasn't signed into law until 1972. In this special Father's Day story, East Texans talk about how important their dads were in their lives.

Tyler's first woman mayor, Barbara Bass says her father Travis Reed taught her that gender shouldn't be a limitation and to be the best she could be. TV New Anchor Joe Terrell says he got his sense of humor and comfort in speaking in public from his dad Edgar Terrell, while Jeb Blount relays how his colorful dad, Peppy Blount taught him to embrace life and live it to the fullest.

TV News Anchor Anissa Centers says the love of her father gave her security and comfort and helped shape her future relationships. Musical Star Sandy Duncan talks about how her dad's love and high expectations helped her achieve her goals in life.

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