Upshur county woodland fire rekindles

Upshur county woodland fire rekindles

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- In Upshur County, a fire has scorched 66 acres since Saturday. It started around 3pm Saturday just north of Longview, off of the Kieffer and Martin road areas of Upshur County. Dry and windy weather sparked several flare ups over 2 days. Some firefighters had spent 15 hours back and forth as the fire continued to rekindle.

"We was out here for about 12 hours yesterday afternoon till about 1:30 this morning," says East Mountain firefighter James Plumlee.

Several families were kept from their homes as the fire came within yards of their properties.

"I'm scared , I'm very scared , I'm on oxygen I'm very scared," says area homeowner Joann Taylor.

It was a nerve racking time for homeowners, wondering if they would have a home to come back to.

"Its nervous, the fire just kept on and on" Taylor says.

"Just mainly look for the hot spots mainly make sure that all the fire is under control," Plumlee says.

"As I was watching the fire , it gets any closer I'm going to leave," said homeowner Judd Bolles.

One homeowner nearly had to evacuate his population of coop raised quail, before fire crews contained the blaze short of his coop. All families have gone back to their homes, and no one was injured. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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