Intoxicated driver strikes into ETX house

One east Texas neighborhood woke up to the loud bang of a pick up truck ramming into the front of a house.  It happened around 6, this morning in the 300 block of North Parkdale Avenue in Tyler.

The driver, apparently drunk, tried to run away.  Police later caught up with 25-year-old, Jair Zarate-Cobos. He was arrested for DWI and leaving the scene of an accident.

East Texas news' Annette Falconer dropped by that house and shows us the damage that was done.

It was loud enough, and big enough to wake up several neighbors, "We thought a tree limb had fell on our house," says Jim Deramus.

But after hearing the sound of metal Deramus knew it was much bigger, he says, "When it hit, it was loud enough it shook our house, I thought it hit our house."

Which is no surprise to Tyler police why neighbors were a little confused.  Sergeant Bill Goecking says, "When you have an explosion as what it sounds like, when the vehicle strikes a lot of times people think it's their house because it will actually shake."

It was actually the home across the street from Deramus that got hit straight on by the driver of a Ford pick-up truck, taking a mailbox, a fence, and a couple bushes with it.

"It looked like he was going pretty fast because as you can see the skid marks here and then when he got into the middle of the road he just quit, he didn't put the break on no more, he just let go," says Deramus.

According to Deramus, the truck managed to hit not only a bedroom window, but a man sleeping just inches away, "He was knocked out of the bed all the way across the room to the floor."

Police say the resident was treated for minor injuries.  As far as the driver, 25 year old Jair Zarate-Cobos, he didn't report any injuries at the time of arrest.

Jair Zarate-Cobos is being held in the Smith County jail.