East Texas Soldier Killed In Iraq Is Buried

Stephen Wyatt was only 19 years old when he joined the military in January. He got married the next month. His wife, Kelly, is also in the military.

Stephen was killed in Balad, Iraq when his convoy came under fire.

He grew up in Kilgore and Wednesday hundreds of friends and family said goodbye and celebrated the freedom he fought to preserve. Stephen was awarded a purple heart and a bronze star medal.

Stephen's unit was sent to Iraq just eight weeks after he joined the military. His commanding officer remembered him as a respected soldier, "In those critical weeks he became a leader among his peers," Captain David Beaird.

"That is the kind of soldier a commander prays for," says Captain Beaird.

Stephen was killed a week and a half ago. He was buried at Memorial Cemetery in Kilgore.

Amy Tatum, reporting.