Youth League Coaches Cited for Attacking Umpire

It's a argument on the baseball diamond that got out of hand. Now, two youth league coaches have been cited for disorderly conduct.

The incident happened at Tyler's Faulkner Park on Saturday. Police say, and a videotape shows, father and son coaches Melton and Adam Smith grabbing an umpire after a brief argument.

The scuffle erupted into a fistfight, and other coaches had to break it up. Officers say they're sometimes called to break up arguments or even fights at sporting events, but this one is unusual.

Lieutenant Tom Giorgio, Tyler Police Department: "Believe it or not, we've had cases where parents threaten umpires, and we've had to go out, but this is the first case where coaches got into it with the umpires."

No one was seriously hurt. We contacted the two coaches and the umpire involved.  All declined comment.