Throwback Country Store in Red Springs

In an age of gigantic shopping malls and super retail stores, the community of Red Springs has a store that goes back to a much simpler time. In frontier days to get necessities, settlers would travel sometimes hundreds of miles to get what they needed to survive by going to a trading post or general store.

And those places are almost gone now... Almost. "Well my grandparents were in the store business and when I was growing up as a kid I spent a lot of time in their store... just always had a love for it," said co-owner Ken Langley.

The family run Ken's Country Store on Highway 14 is a throw back, from groceries to furniture, to homemade pies and the concept is paying off.

"They've kept the charm and most of the old stuff and the people are the same so it's great," said customer Jack Jones. Cookware, hunting and fishing licenses, plants and flowers, hand made furniture, clothing, and of course they serve country cooking.  Many in the community don't go anywhere else.

"We like to think people come here because we offer something special something different and a reason for them to come back," says Rosie Langley. The whole family works in the business, from the oldest to the youngest. Sometimes the old ways are the best. Bob Hallmark, Channel 7 News.