Former daycare employee sheds new light on allegations

Former daycare employee sheds new light on allegations

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas daycare worker accused of roughly handling a child in her care has been fired.

KLTV first broke this report Thursday after the mother of a five-year-old contacted us claiming her child had been abused. She wanted to share the video taken from Guiding Light Child Care in Mineola.

A woman who captured the video from her cell phone, says she lost her job for speaking out about "the way the child in this video was treated".

Candace Anders says as she watched the incident unfold, she knew something wasn't right.

"I was just in shock because she's never gotten out of control like that, you know, but she just didn't have patience I guess that day I don't know, but when I saw that and you can't see it in the video because she's covering his face up and everything because you just see her back, but I mean he's looking at me and he was scared," said Anders.

That's why Anders says she made the decision to make a copy of the surveillance video.

"I had been in the next room over, the baby room, and I heard her yelling at a kid and getting on to him and I didn't know who it was so I walked out of my room, I was still in view of my room, I just stepped out the door and I could see because that's where they were and that's when I saw everything happen," said Anders.

Anders says 5-year-old Aiden was in "time out" when the video begins; you can barely see him on the floor.

"He was yelling you know he's a kid in time out, he was mad, but the way she handled it made him lash out which made her more mad. So, she definitely handled it the wrong way," she said.

She says she watched, not sure what to do, as Aiden was snatched from the ground and thrown onto a table.

Later, as you can see in the video, Aiden's feet dangle above the ground as the worker drags him by the arm out of the camera's view. Anders says she lost her job for talking about her co-worker's conduct.

"Some things got said about it not being a professional place and I made the comment it isn't and that's why I got fired," said Anders.

Anders says she would risk her job again to protect Aiden's safety.

Again, the worker in the video has not been charged criminally. Police say they're in the early stages of their investigation.

Management with Guiding Light did say on Friday, though, that the worker in the video has been fired.

A CPS spokesperson says that Child Care Licensing went to the daycare Friday. CPS says as with any case like this, there's a possibility the daycare could be cited.

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