Another round of mental evaluations for Byron Truvia

Another round of mental evaluations for Byron Truvia

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A judge wished Byron Truvia, 18, a belated "happy birthday" before ordering him to undergo another mental evaluation at a Texas state hospital. Truvia will return to the 114th District Court for another hearing following that 120-day mental evaluation.

It wasn't the outcome Truvia's sister, Geniece Truvia, was hoping for. "It's just constantly back and forth to court," she said after the hearing. "We've had enough trials. He's not competent to stand trial."

Mental health experts found Truvia unfit to proceed while his case was still before a juvenile court.  Jim Huggler, his attorney, has represented him since he was arrested for fatally stabbing his special education teacher, Todd Henry at John Tyler High School.

He declined to comment after Friday's hearing in anticipation of a gag order to be handed down by the court.

Denise Truvia, Byron Truvia's mother, said her son should have been in some sort of mental facility years ago.

"I'm just going to keep the faith, let go and let God," she said. "[God] is in the midst of everything, and He has the last say so."

The family said all it can do now, is hope for the best. The Truvia's extended their apologies and condolences to Todd Henry's family.

Byron Truvia is expected to be sent away for his competency evaluation within the next couple of weeks.

If doctors are not able to restore his mental competency, it's likely Truvia will be committed and evaluated once a year.

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