Fans celebrate at Mavs victory parade

Fans celebrate at Mavs victory parade

It was a city-wide celebration, 31 Years in the making.

"I think they deserve all the attention they go right now," said Mavericks fan Robert Fleming.

"Look at all these people here," said Breanna Bonilla.  "Not one person doesn't have Mavs gear. It brings everyone together."

Fans jammed the streets both on and above looking for any place to get a glimpse of their hometown heroes.

The parade was free.  However, some diehard fans paid a heavy price for the best seat in town.

"We left St. Louis at four in the afternoon and got to town at three this morning and have been up ever since," said Randi Harper.

Several other fans arrived as early as four o'clock this morning.

The party didn't end after the parade.  Another sellout crowd packed the American Airlines Center for a 90 minute celebration.