State education budget may be increased

State education budget may be increased

By Jamey Boyum

AUSTIN, TX (KLTV) - The State Education fund is facing over 4 billion in cuts. And, many of you are concerned over the future of educators and students alike.

The Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers paid a visit to Tyler today to spread the word about a Bill called SB2. It would tap into the state's Rainy Day Fund. It has passed the house, and now awaits senate approval.  But, the Texas AFT says even if SB2 passes, they don't think it's enough to offset all the cutbacks.

"A bi-partisan bill passed out of the Texas House which would take all new funds going out of the Rainy Day Fund over the next two years. Some have estimated that could be as much as 2 billion dollars or more, and dedicate that to public education. The result of that is going to be fewer cuts for public schools. How much fewer? We may see cuts decline by 50 percent," Said Louis Malfaro, Secretary Treasurer of Texas AFT.

Senator Kevin Eltife has called the use of the Rainy Day fund for education a "no-brainer". The Texas AFT is urging everyone to call Senator  Eltife at 888-836-8368 and tell him you support the use of the Rainy Day Fund in SB2.

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