Kids head to Camp Tyler for fun and learning

Kids head to Camp Tyler for fun and learning

WHITEHOUE, TX (KLTV) - Kids from all over Texas are at Camp Tyler this week and they all have one thing in common: asthma.

The week long camp gives campers a chance to have fun while learning more about their disease.

It looks like any other summer camp--kids swimming in lakes...hanging out on docks...practicing archery, and even rehearsing a cabin cheer.

But this is a camp for kids with asthma. So they are not just playing, they are learning, too.

"It's very important to come to asthma camp because they can teach you things that you've never learned before and some things that you might have known but you can get some more techniques on how to do it better," says camper Cedric Whitaker.

Cedric has been to camp three times and says his friends keep him coming back, "You can be free and stay with people for a week that you have something in common with and not have to feel different in an environment like this."

Camp doctor Patti Olusola says the campers learn the same things they would in a doctor's office but playing educational games helps the information stick.

Camp counselors are also learning a thing or two.

The camp is operated by the UT Health Science Center at Tyler and is staffed with respiratory therapy students from Tyler Junior College and Angelina College in Lufkin.

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