Some Things Bad For You are Good Again

Red meat, salad dressing, eggs.

Food you love to eat, but steer clear from for health's sake. It's a message most East Texans have heard and believe.

"Which do you think is healthier: red, dark or white? White meat." "White meat." "White meat like chicken."

White meat has been the health nuts mantra for years but nutritionist say it's ok to go to the dark side, in fact it's healthy.

"Dark meat on chicken is dark because it has more blood flow in it," says Nutritionist Regina Dick. "That's why it is darker in color. It also makes it higher in iron, zinc and B12, which most of us need and don't get enough of."

Same with lean red meats. Nutritionist say don't give that up either. Now how about butter or margarine, which one is healthier.

"Margarine or butter? I actually say they are not equally good," says Dick.

"Both have a negative impact on our cholesterol level. Overall, the best bet is soft spread aiming for one with the least Trans fatty acids."

Another food making a comeback -- eggs.

"The most recent study says you can eat 5 eggs a week and still lower cholesterol," says Dick. "Eggs are also great protein and inexpensive."

Salad dressing got a thumbs up too, especially if it is oil based.

"Make sure when you buy a salad dressing that it uses canola or olive oil. Then it is healthy and tastey."

And last but not least, peanut butter is now good for you.

"There are lots of study that say nuts and peanut butter will decrease your risk for heart attack and diabetes."

And that's news many say they'll dig into.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.