ETBU football returns from concentration camps in Poland

MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - There is never an offseason for the ETBU football program.

When they are not playing football, the Tigers are on a mission around a the world.

"It gives us the opportunity as American football players to spread that knowledge around," said ETBU head coach Mark Sartain, "We are able to share what we know with others around the world."

Sartain and eight of his players just returned from Poland for a mission trip.

"It helps to give our guys a different perspective on out live here in this country," said Sartain.

Coach takes his players on a different trip every year.

The Tigers introduced American football to over two thousand children at a kids festival.

The guys also coached up a semi-pro team in Poland.

"We were able to play with them and coach them," said Sartain, "Our football is not nearly as popular as it is here, so we got to spend time with them developing relationships."

Coach Sartain said the most incredible moment of the trip was touring Auschwitz and Birkenau, where concentration camps were held during World War Two.

"It's surreal because you've seen it on the documentaries, you've seen those locations," said Sartain, "And those boxcars pull up to that platform and unload those unknowing people."

It was the most powerful experience the Tigers have encountered on their many trips around the world.

"When we stood there on that ground. It was very sombering... humbling."

Coach Sartain and other members of the ETBU team won't be home long, they are leaving for a trip to Croatia on Thursday.

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