Man injured after being pinned between two trucks

Man injured after being pinned between two trucks

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A man is injured after being pinned in between two box trucks.

Crews were unloading a couple of box trucks, Tuesday morning, for an event at the Hilton Garden Inn on Grande Boulevard just east of Broadway when the man became pinned.

According to an officer on the scene the back of both box trucks were facing each other when the driver of one of the trucks began backing up, not realizing that the man was unloading the other truck. His legs were pinned for a short time before the driver realized something wasn't right and put the truck in drive, pulling away.

When the driver got out and checked on the other man, he was lying on the ground.

EMS transported the pinned man to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. We do not know at this time the extent of the injuries to the man's knees.

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