Platoon members visit Sgt. Josh Powell one last time

Platoon members visit Sgt. Josh Powell one last time

QUITMAN, TX (KLTV) - East Texans were able to pay their respects to Army Sergeant Josh Powell at his visitation service in Quitman. Sgt. Powell was on his fifth tour of duty, when an IED attack in Afghanistan claimed his life and the lives of three others last week.

Amongst the people who paid their respects were members who served in Powell's platoon.

Memories are all Travis Nicholson has left of his fellow soldier Sgt. Josh Powell, and that's enough.

"When we were in Afghanistan we would have missions where we didn't need everyone to go we'd take just a few people who wanted to go his hand was probably always the first one to go up," said Travis Nicholson, Sgt. Powell's platoon leader.

For Brandon Systo, Powell was a friend who will not soon be forgotten.

"Friendship wasn't something he took lightly, if you were Powell's friend you were his friend and he'd do anything for you," said Brandon Systo, Sgt. Powell's best friend.

Both Systo and Nicholson served with Powell in the former 2nd Platoon, 984th MP Company.

Several platoon members traveled great distances, one even as far as Japan, to say goodbye to their friend and brother.

"We never told each other hey man you're my best friend it wasn't like that we just both knew we didn't even have to ask I mean if I needed something he was there if he needed something he knew I'd be there," said Systo.

Systo says Josh was like another member of his own family.

"He was like a big brother for me he always cared more about me than himself," said Systo.

Which is why saying goodbye is so hard.

"If I had known when I dropped him off that was the last time I was going to see him I probably would have said a bit more," said Systo, " I'm glad I knew him I'm glad I was his friend and I'm glad he was my friend so I wouldn't change it for anything in the world."

Sergeant Powell's funeral service is Tuesday morning at 9:00 am at Lake Fork Baptist Church.

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