Kids need day care as much as mothers need a break

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - After spending long days together, mothers may not be the only ones ready for a break, their toddlers could use one too. A new study from the University of Adelaide shows that toddlers with depressed and anxious mothers may adopt some of those traits.

KLTV's Annette Falconer shows you how a couple of hours away at a day care can mean all the difference.

Research shows that overall, children raised by mothers that are depressed are four times likely to exhibit the same behavior problems.

"They're more apt at a young age to model behaviors that they see and they are around from day to day basis," says Cynthia Cruz, the Administrator at Kidz R Life Child Care Center in Tyler.

But researchers reported with just a few hours a day in a day care...reduces the risk of behavior problems.

Cruz says, "We want to offer them something different that there is positive and not everything is depression, and there is more out there."

Mother of three children, Kristi Grady says, "They need a break, definitely, because if you don't have that break you're going to start going crazy."

Kidz R Life have 28 care givers that give each child the positive attention that they need.

"That's something they truly need just to know that they are loved, and when they have caregivers that model that same behavior, it's something that will stay with them a very long time," Cruz says.

"I actually get to interact with adults instead of just kids and watching cartoons all day that's the good part," says Grady.

Cruz says the break benefits not only the mothers...but also their children, "It helps them develop other characters and model behaviors in a positive manner 23:15 that help them in security to succeed later on in life."

"The kids get to interact with other kids, and when they go to school they're not so scared, when they go to school the first time, for me, it's for the kids too," says Grady.

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