Proud of East Texas: Anup Bhandari

By Joan Hallmark

Anup Bhandari's painting "My Journey to America", not only tells the story of Bhandari's journey from Nepal to Texas, but as a finalist in the prestigious "Hunting Art Prize Competition", the painting has been a big boost to his career.

Bhandari, who had always wanted to be an artist, picked Kilgore College from an internet site. He has gone on to complete a degree in Fine Arts from The University of Texas at Tyler.

"My Journey to America" includes a bicycle and small good luck elephant against a blank background, symbolizing the adventures in America yet to be experienced. The bicycle symbolizes life in Nepal where bicycles were a primary means of transportation, although Bhandari soon learned, cars were necessary in Texas.

Bhandari's paintings which are big and colorful, fill his Kilgore studio. His paintings are exhibited at various locations, and often are donated for charitable events, including paintings for both Tyler and Longview Cattle Baron's auctions for the American Cancer Society.

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