Kilgore mourns loss of Ronnie Moore

Kilgore mourns loss of Ronnie Moore

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- The city of Kilgore is mourning the loss of a longtime and well known public servant who died Friday.

Former Kilgore public safety director Ronnie Moore died after a year long battle with leukemia. He was a longtime fixture with Kilgore police and fire, always keeping the public informed and dealing with tough questions from reporters.

"Ronnie Moore was just genuine. He was a class act. I've known him all my life. He didn't come from a lot of money, and he worked hard for what he achieved. I was always so proud of what Ronnie was able to make out of himself," said longtime friend and former Gladewater mayor John Paul Talent. "Ronnie just impressed me , he was such a great guy, I don't anybody that didn't like Ronnie Moore. What you saw is what was there."

"He was just a remarkable person. You wouldn't find anybody that didn't like Ronnie. Nobody," said family friend Tom Whitherspoon.

For 32 years Moore served the city of Kilgore, and he wore many hats.

"He was over the police and fire and everything. He was talking about how much money he could save the city by wearing two hats," Whitherspoon said.

Not many knew about his sickness. Moore had a successful stem-cell transplant, but he died Friday of virus complications. He was well respected by fellow officers, and us in the media. And he was a good friend.

Ronnie Moore was 62. His funeral is scheduled for Tuesday at 2 pm at Dodson auditorium at Kilgore College.

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