Previous offenses for Kohl's peeping tom

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The story about Jose Mejia, the man Tyler PD say took photos of young girls and then exposed himself inside Kohl's Department Store on South Broadway, has sparked some heated discussion.

"Danny Red-Dog" writes "We say, well, the signs were there before and we did nothing or little to stop this predator. Well, here's your sign ... it's been ongoing and it will continue."

"I'm wondering why this guy isn't a registered sex offender. He's already been arrested for indecent exposure. Seems like that would qualify him," writes another guest.

All it took was a visit to the Gregg County Judicial website to see that this wasn't Mejia's first indecent exposure arrest. This may be the key factor that plays into what happens in the future of this Smith County case.

Mejia's Gregg County rap-sheet includes multiple drug charges, animal cruelty arrests, and at least two indecent exposure arrests.

Friday, it became known that he pled guilty and served 170 days in jail for one of those charges.

He's been in the Smith County jail since Wednesday, this time charged with taking cell phone pictures of two young girls at the Tyler Kohl's and later exposing himself just yards away in another part of the store.

Authorities say under state law, Mejia would have to be found guilty and convicted of another indecent exposure charge before he's required to register as a sex offender in the state. But he would only have to register for 10 years.

KLTV tried to speak with Smith County prosecutors on Friday but they were unavailable for a comment.

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