ETX boasts greenest home in the nation

ETX boasts greenest home in the nation

By Melanie Torre:

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - There is only one Tyler Area Builders' Parade of Homes going on right now and this year they have a unique boast.

From the outside it looks like any normal home, but builder Rudy Wright says looks can be deceiving.

"It doesn't have a utility bill. If this house had it's own meter, it would have a negative $75 bill every month. And the utility company doesn't really want to write checks," says Wright.

And it comes with all the amenities that you'd expect in any luxury home: hanging light fixtures, granite-style counter tops, a massaging shower with a built in phone, a spacious patio with a grill, and even an underground storm shelter.

"Our goal here was to showcase that the greenest home in the nation doesn't have to look like something out of a sci-fi movie," adds Wright.

Most of the equipment that helps make this home so energy efficient is hidden away in either the attic or the basement. Most of the energy used to run the home comes from the sun. It's collected through solar panels on the roof that are only visible from the backyard.

And at the price of just slightly over $500,000, Wright says it's one of a kind.

"The closest we've found to it is up in the Chicago area. We've been googling the greenest home in the nation or the most efficient home in the nation and it cost $4 million to build," explains Wright.

It's not just energy efficient but fully sustainable, too. That means even if the power goes out across town, this house will remain illuminated.

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