Fun with amusement park physics

Fun with amusement park physics

By Jamey Boyum:

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It may be too hot to go to the amusement park, but the Discovery Science Place has a much cooler alternative.

They cannot fit a real roller coaster in the building, but kids will love learning the physics of the rides at their new amusement park science exhibit.

Centrifugal force, magnetism, and gravity. They are all at the Discovery Science Place where you can see and even experience how science makes amusement park rides work.

"This is a wonderful way to connect learning, fun and everything kids love. It's kind of like that ride that you get in and get plastered up against the wall and pretty soon the floor drops out. Well, that is a wonderful example of the force that's taking place that's pushing you against the wall. We've also got exhibits like this one talking about the importance of wearing seat belts in bumper cars. You can create your own roller coaster or Ferris wheel. We've also got some really cool things on bumper cars. So it's just a great way to take Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion and make them real and relative to everyday life," says Executive Director Michael Shanklin.

The exhibit is open all summer long, and will be in place through the end of August.

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