Last day of 200 mile Highway 80 Garage Sale

For two weekends bargain hunters cruised through big and small towns in East Texas for the historic Hiway 80 garage sale, with both seller and buyer were going away happy. For over 200 miles from Arcadia Louisiana to Grand Prairie Texas, vendors have been making big deals with passers-by.

"Well its been a lot of fun, we've met a lot of people we've had well over 2-3-thousand people" said Longview merchant Jeanie Hanks. Along the way an almost forgotten skill has resurfaced... Haggling!

"Oh i love haggling... I love it that's all the fun of it" said Marie Beardsley of Hawkins. Little towns like Hawkins and Big Sandy prospered from the influx of roadway shoppers.

Anything could be bought, tools , clothes, antiques... Prince Albert in a can. And this roadway event had its share of characters. It's one of the few win-win situations... Shoppers get bargains... Sellers get rid of inventory. Bob Hallmark reporting.