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Better East Texas: Anthony Weiner scandal

By Pat Stacey

The scandal that has embroiled New York congressman Anthony Weiner is just another step in descending spiral staircase of eroding trust in our elected officials.  There are scores of on-line polls that ask the question of whether you consider Congressman Weiner's action should be considered marital cheating and many say yes – without question - while some say no and that we should give the guy a break – he's human.  But what, to me, trumps everything about the situation is that Congressman Weiner lied for a week, in multiple interviews, that he was not responsible for the pictures and contacts made through his social media accounts.  Listen, our elected officials are subject to the same temptations as the rest of us, their indiscretions are magnified because of the public stage they are on and, they therefore should be held to a higher standard.  But again, this guy was all about the cover up and perpetuating a lie.  That should be the subject of the polls and it should also be the subject of any ethics violation investigation.  We often joke about how lying goes hand-in-hand with being elected officials,  but if we truly cannot trust that our congressional representatives are telling us the truth, even if it is unflattering to them, then we are at the bottom of that staircase as a society.  Because he lied, repeatedly, Congressman Weiner needs to go.

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