East Texans giving back to wounded warriors

East Texans giving back to wounded warriors

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - There's no price when it comes to giving back to our service men and women who protect our freedom each and every day.

Especially when those service members have been wounded in war.

Now, one East Texas organization has taken it upon themselves to organize an event to help these men and women.

"Being a patriot is more than just supporting the military its supporting your country and when these people put their life on the line for my freedom and yours that's just not enough we need to help them when they've been wounded," said David Goetz, Texas  Wounded Warriors Chairman.

That's what Dick Goetz, PGA professional, thought when he went to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina to play in a Marine celebrity golf tournament four years ago.

"I had an opportunity to see some young men and women that had come back to Iraq that had lost an arm or a leg, or had some traumatic brain injury and they were all out on the driving range," said Ron Nash, Texas Wounded Warriors Co-Chairman.

Goetz walked off the course with a mission to help wounded warriors in East Texas, and he wasn't alone.

"These guys when you meet them they just make you feel better and better and better about your life because my god if they can do it I can do it," said Nash.

Nash says through a round of golf, wounded service members get a chance to break away from every day and meet others facing the same struggles.

"And before you know it they're all together and they're laughing they're having a good time and it gives them a break from the drudgery of physical therapy and recovering from their wounds," said Nash.

A golf tournament to raise money for wounded warriors is set for the first weekend in October.

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