Gift of Love: Henry

Gift of Love: Henry

It was an exciting afternoon as Henry and I got a private guided tour at the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge.

The Director of Operations, Terri Werner, shared her knowledge and love of these big cats.

Henry loved looking at the lions and tigers.

This 10 year old also loves to "go swimming, play basketball, watch TV, play video games," Henry said.

Henry also likes to ride his bike and go to Chuck E. Cheese which is where you can find one of henry's favorite foods!

He likes, "pizza, spaghetti, alfredo, and chicken nuggets" Henry said.

As for school, Henry just graduated from the 4th grade where he was in special education classes and will need help with homework.

His favorite classes are math, reading, writing.

Henry has been diagnosed as having adhd and is on medication.

He also has Nystagmus which is related to his vision loss.

Henry is counting down the days until his 11th birthday in July.

His 3 birthday wishes are to, "get adopted, have a good home and have a home that has a game cube and an Xbox," Henry said.

Henry hopes he has an active family and would love to have a home with a swimming pool.

"Go on family trips and vacations, do a lot of fun stuff," Henry said.

Most importantly, Henry says he wants a family to call his own, one that he can trust and love and a family who in return can show him the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Henry you can call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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