Family of Amy Cowling files suit against Gregg County

Family of Amy Cowling files suit against Gregg County

HARRISON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Amy Cowling's mother and the biological father on behalf of Cowling's three children, filed a federal lawsuit against Gregg County on Wednesday, stating that the County violated her constitutional rights by depriving her of proper medical attention.

Cowling, 33, died in the Gregg County Jail on December 29 of last year.

Cowling sought daily methadone treatment to control a painkiller addiction. She continued in the methadone program until the time of her arrest on December 24.

According to the suit, at the time of her confinement, Cowling advised jail officials that she was dependent on her physician prescribed medication, including but not limited to methadone, without which, she would suffer from severe, painful, and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

The suit also claims that at the time of Cowling's confinement and at all times thereafter, Gregg County Jail officials and medical faculty were aware of her physical and emotional addiction, and that failure to provide appropriate medical treatment could result in Cowling's death.

Cowling had been placed on a medical watch while in custody. Jailers were to check on her condition every 15 to 30 minutes.

In the weeks following her death, two jailers were arrested and charged with tampering government documents, after authorities claimed jail observation logs has been falsified.

Later, in an autopsy released to KLTV through an "open records request," it is stated that Cowling died from a probable seizure due to withdrawal from methadone and alprazolam.

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