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Tyler City Council approves redistricting plan

By: Melanie Torre

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - This morning the City of Tyler adopted a new redistricting plan that aims to evenly distribute population growth throughout the city.

After holding a second public hearing for input on redistricting options, the Tyler City Council adopted Illustrative Plan 1, formerly called Redistricting Plan B.

City attorney Deborah Pullum said the new plan isn't that different from the one currently in place.

"It still goes along the same sort of boundaries but just included some slight movements from one area to another," said Pullum.

The new plan will extend district 6 west into district 1 just south of Grande Boulevard.  District 2 will be expanded toward the north toward Lincoln Street.

"It really does follow the current council districts from the old plan but the 2010 census indicated that we were out of balance and that some of the districts had grown a little more than others," adds Pullum.

The US Constitution requires city districts to have an approximately equal population. 

Pullum said the city tried to move as few people a possible into new districts so their voting precincts could be the same or close to what they're used to.

The plan now must be approved by the department of justice before going into effect. The department can take anywhere from 60 to 120 days to review the new plan. Once approved, community members can expect the new districting plan to go into effect by November of this year.

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