Accused murderer released on lowered bond

Troy Long
Troy Long

MARION CO, TX (KSLA) - The man accused of shooting the father of his daughter's son left Marion County jail on Monday. That's after a judge ordered Troy Long's $275,000 bond lowered to $10,000.

Marion County's District Attorney, Bill Gleason, says the bond reduction came after Long suffered heart problems just days after he was booked into jail. Gleason says he agreed to reduce the bail after Long spent days in the hospital, guarded by a Marion County Sheriff's Deputy 24 hours a day. The supervision and the medical bills all come out of the Marion County coffer. That's one reason Long was released before he suffered a more serious heart attack.

Part of the conditions of Long's bond reduction is that he stay out of Marion County. Gleason says he's living with family out of state until his trial in August.

Troy Long is accused of the May 2011 shooting death of his daughter's estranged boyfriend, Donte Mitchell. Investigators say Mitchell's body was found outside the home he shared with Long and his family. The motive for the shooting is expected to come out during the trial, but investigators believe it may have been in self defense. Sheriff's deputies say the two men had a long history of disagreement.

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