Three sisters united for the first time

Three sisters united for the first time

CANTON, TX (KLTV) - After 50 years, an East Texas woman and her two sisters have been reunited and this time, they're not letting anything separate them again.

KLTV was there to introduce you to Irene Lewis of Quitman just shy of a decade ago. Irene was put up for adoption when she was born. And then, she met with her birth father for the first time after more than 40 years.

That was just one of many happy reunions to come.

"I'm just very happy. My life is pretty complete," says Lewis.

The sisters were on their way back to East Texas from Dallas where Linda and Irene surprised their youngest sister, Theresa, at the airport.

Theresa thought she and her sister Linda would be surprising Irene together.

Theresa was raised by the girls' birth mother. Linda was raised by an aunt and uncle in the same town, but Linda lost contact with Theresa after moving the Florida. This past April, Theresa got Linda's number from a relative.

What Linda didn't know was that Theresa and Irene had been traveling back and forth to see each other. Last week, Linda made the 18-hour drive from Florida to see her sister Irene for the first time.

Irene, who lives in Quitman, turned 50 on Monday. The girls say they plan to go to Linda's house in Florida next year.

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