Feathers latest trend at hair salons

Feathers latest trend at hair salons

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – What fishermen once used as bait is now showing up in women's hair. Feathers have become the new hair trend this summer.

Some hair stylists in East Texas say feathers aren't just for birds and bait anymore.

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's lead singer, didn't invent the trend, but he did help make it one of the hottest must-haves this summer.

"As soon as I saw him on American Idol, I told my boyfriend 'I need those feathers.' I know they're not as dramatic as his but I love them," says Nicole Mulkey, who was getting feather extensions.

This is Nicole Mulkey's second go-round at the feathers this month.

It is a trend employees at Rose Spa in Tyler say caught them a little off guard when the calls first started, but receptionist Courtney Crowson says it didn't take them long for Rose Spa to add feather extensions to the appointments book.

"We probably get about five calls a day who try to book an appointment to get them in, but they take like two minutes to put in so it's really easy, really quick and people are constantly adding to them," says Crowson.

Hair stylist Jeffery Seilhamer says the feathers come off in about half the time they took to put on. Versatility without a commitment, just what every girl likes.

The salon says they use real bird feathers and can be dyed for specific colors. Feathers start out at around $12.00 for the first feather and increase in price with each addition.

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