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Tree nearly splits home into two pieces

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - The storms from Saturday night left some localized damage across East Texas. In the town of Gladewater, one home was nearly split into two when a large tree was uprooted and fell on the house.

The storms produced damaging surface winds possibly stronger than 75 mph.  Meteorologists think this was a downburst, which is a column of air that descends from a thunderstorm, and when it hits the ground, it spreads in every direction creating very strong surface winds.

The home's roof is partially gone. The homeowner's step-daughter Rene Gunn explained to us that no one can live here. "The home is completely un-livable, there's no electricity, there still is running water in the home but no electricity, it's not safe." She also tells us it will be months before life is close to being back to normal.

Nobody was home at the time except for the family's dog, which was not injured. All that's left for the family is to clean up what they can and try to salvage anything left in the home.

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