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Nate Anderson will be tried as an adult

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – In a hearing on Monday morning, a judge ruled Nate Anderson will be tried as an adult for allegedly murdering his sister.

Nate Anderson, 15, is accused of shooting and killing his sister Amanda Anderson in their New Chapel Hill home in September 2010.

An expert who evaluated Nate said it was in his best interest to remain in the juvenile court system. However, the judge disagreed.

For the first time, the state revealed some of the evidence investigators found in the Anderson's home after the murder.

Prosecutors say on Nate's computer was a history of numerous porn sites, violent drawings in a journal, and this text message found in Amanda's cell phone that reads:

"...Nathan should be shot..."

A friend asking, "For what?"

Her response, "For shooting really large staples at my head and never helping around the house."

Reasons prosecutors say that support Nate is not as naive and sheltered as his attorneys have portrayed him.

An expert who evaluated Nate testified this discovery begins to lay a possible foundation for motive in this case.

However, Nate's attorneys says the evidence presented is not unusual.

Nates's bond has been set at $1 million.

Authorities say he will soon be transferred to the Smith County Jail.

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