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10/15/03 - Tyler

Two Siblings In Need Of Staying Together

Three year old Kathryn and her 15 month old brother Tommy enjoy an afternoon together at Chuck E Cheese's in Tyler. They don't get to see each other every day since being placed in different foster homes last year. "She has been a big part of his life and actually she was the care giver of Tommy before they came into care," says Patricia Skelton a caseworker with Child Protective Services.

These children were removed from their home because of neglect. "When Tommy was 5 months he just weighed 9 pounds when he came into care, which is pretty low for a child at that age." Patricia goes on to say, "Kathryn has lived with numerous family relatives. She was passed from home to home so there was never really a stable home environment."

Now that Kathryn has been in a stable home for a while, she is thriving and happy. This little girl is healthy and has a good vocabulary for a child her age. She likes singing, animals and staying active. "She likes to be outside and play and ruff house. She's just very active. She can also be very stubborn and willful, but what 3 year old can't?"

Her brother, Tommy, has some special needs but is also making progress in foster care. He was born with brain damage. When he first came into care, he couldn't even hold his head up. Now, he can roll over and sit up. "It's going to almost take a stay at home mom cause he actually has physical and occupational therapy twice a week and speech therapy once a week. Those are things that he needs in order to continue to develop." And while he can't talk, his eyes speak volumes. Patricia explains, "Tommy right now tracks you with his eyes and even though he's non verbal you can tell he's trying to interact with you with his eye movement."

Kathryn and Tommy continue to learn and grow while waiting for the one thing that could give them the biggest boost of all, the Gift of Love. Patricia says, "I think both of them are very lovable children. They like to hug and they like to touch. I think they just need someone to love them and they would love them in return."

If you'd like to know more about Kathryn and her little brother, Tommy, or how to become a foster or adoptive parent, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.

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