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East Texas Soldier comes home

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Back home from boot camp, Army Private Troy Adkins was greeted by Welcome Home Soldiers in Longview Sunday evening.

While his trip to East Texas is a short one, community members say it's important for soldiers to know they are appreciated.

"I know how it feels, I know how my son felt so I'm very glad that this young man is getting the opportunity to be with his parents," said Mary Ann Dunn, US Troops supporter.

Private Troy Adkins who is part of the 23rd Division 2nd Battalion Lite Infantry says it was overwhelming to see the amount of support behind him.

"I'm very glad to know that our troops are supported like this it was a surprise to me and I'm sure it is to everyone else," said Private Troy Adkins.

Something Adkins says gives him pride in the job he signed up to do.

"It give us a high moral  and makes us feel real upbeat, makes us feel so much better makes us proud of what we're doing," said Adkins.

Adkins says he signed up for three years, but will be re-enlisting for another six years after his deployment.

He aspires to make the military a career with hopes of hitting the 20 year mark. Adkins is scheduled to deploy to Iraq sometime next year.

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