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Inmate's leg amputated after machinery accident

TENNESSEE COLONY, TX (KLTV) - A prison inmate is in ICU recovering after having his leg amputated in a machinery accident. It happened Thursday at the Coffield Unit prison in Tennessee Colony. Authorities say the inmate's leg somehow got caught in a feed auger.

In Robert Anderson's hospital room, a prison guard and his mother watch over him. Friday afternoon, he awoke from an induced coma. The 29-year-old inmate's left leg was amputated just above the knee Thursday night.

"I understand that some of it had to be removed at the prison and when they got here they had to amputate more of it," said Christine Anderson, Robert's mother.

Robert's parents say their son's leg was mangled in a feed auger machine he was working on. They say an inmate saved Robert's life.

"They used a piece of twine to tie a tourniquet around his leg and got the bleeding stopped," said his mother.

About three weeks ago, Robert's father says his son broke his finger while working on that same machine.

"He said he didn't like doing it but he thought by doing the work it was a better chance of parole," said Tony Anderson, Robert's father.

Robert was sentenced to 10 years for aggravated robbery. He's been in prison for seven years.

"He's paying back his debt to society and he's bettering himself you know he got his GED while he was in there, got certified for welding," he said.

His parents say he was preparing for a fresh start; a new life .

"He's going to be disabled the rest of his life," said his father. "So that's going to hurt him the rest of his life."

Prison officials say there are policies and procedures when working on machinery. Authorities say they're looking into the situation right now. Robert's parents hope no inmate ever has to use that machine again.

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