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Parents of Facebook baby react to global attention

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - Earlier this week, we told you about the East Texas family that created a Facebook page for their unborn baby. Well, after we ran the story, news outlets across the country and world picked it up. Today,we had another chat with Marriah Greene's parents, and shows you the avalanche of friend requests, comments, and concerns people had for them.

Matt, Ellie and Marriah Greene are now friends with people from every corner of the globe.

"And then I had my family from Scotland calling me saying, you guys were just on the national news," says expectant mother of Marriah, Ellie Greene. 

Their conversation with us earlier this week turned international within a day.

Greene says, "We didn't even know that it had happened, we woke up the next morning and our phones had five hundred emails on it."

After seeing friend requests at the rate of thirty people every couple of minutes, they figured it out.

Father, Matt Greene, says "We had a friend text us, 'I think your on CNN'," Matt replied, "no were on KLTV."

Some new friends asked the Greene's if they were trying to make a "pro-life" statement, but a lot of people criticized them, asking if they were trying to exploit their baby. The Greene's say neither is true.

"It's just people being part of something fun and silly and nothing more," says Matt.

Facebook has since terminated Marriah Greene's profile.

We tried to log on and it said your account has been disabled. and it says click here for reasons why.

Impersonation is against Facebook rules, but with hundreds of e-mails requesting to hear more about Marriah, the Greene's decided to start a group page, to replace the profile.

Since last night, there's been over a thousand and not one negative person

Now supported by their very popular group page, the Greene's are even more excited to finally meet Marriah.

The Greene's say even though it is fun to read comments from people around the world, they will be slowing down their Facebook activity as soon as Marriah arrives.   Ellie is due June 9th.


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