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'My Plate' targets portion size, childhood obesity

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The food pyramid is out. The USDA is now serving up nutritional advice on a plate.

The new "My Plate" is supposed to be a simpler way of explaining what it is, and how much, we are supposed to eat every day.

On Thursday, First Lady Michelle Obama introduced My Plate. The new nutrition diagram will take over the food pyramid that has dominated health guidelines for nearly twenty years, and there are more than changes to the shape.

Like the pyramid, My Plate is divided into categories: Fruits, vegetables, protein, grains and dairy.

Dietician Erin Langewisch says this new icon is easier to understand, "I really don't think that people are gonna find it to be, um difficult and I think that it will be welcomed by most people."

Langewisch also says My Plate may help people keep a healthy body weight.

The new plate is also targeting childhood obesity.

And Langewisch feels the plate diagram will motivate children to keep a healthy weight.

"They see plates everyday. They eat off plates everyday. So I think identifying a plate, um, in education what they're learning and then putting that into practice at home is an easier transition than trying to look at a pyramid," explained Langewisch.

But some experts say that the new approach is an imperfect solution. They do say, however, it's a vast improvement on the unpopular "my pyramid".

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