Error Causes Tyler Pipe Shutdown

More than 400 Tyler Pipe employees are sitting idle, wondering when their next day of work will be. Workers at the company's north plant were unexpectedly told around 8:30 last night to wrap up what they were doing and go home. They were not told why. This afternoon, they were told the plant would be shut down for the rest of the week. The plant was planning to shut down next week for inventory.  Company officials say, that shutdown was moved up to this week. Tyler pipe president and general manager David Green issued this statement.

"Due to an administrative error, a problem was discovered with one of the north plant's air permits. We plan to resume normal operations shortly and will be in touch."

Employees tell Channel 7 they will be notified Friday as to when they will report back to work. The company says they are working with the state environmental authorities to resolve this technical problem. No one seems to know exactly when work will resume.

Kevin Berns, reporting.