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Dead animals, rebel flags part of alleged senior prank at Lee High

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - Wednesday morning, sources sent KLTV a photograph of what appeared to be a small dead animal, hanging from a tree.  Sources say that animal was found dangling from a tree in the Robert E. Lee High School courtyard, Friday morning.

Devin Johnson and Dekwqualien Waters are freshmen at Lee and said they saw several animals--rabbits, pigs, squirrels--hanging from the trees.

"Kind of stupid to me," said Waters.

The boys said parts of campus had been toilet papered, eggs were scattered about, and they tell us students were also throwing balloons filled with different kinds of liquids.

Both said they saw a Confederate flag waving atop the band-stand behind the school.

"That kind of made me mad," said Johnson.

"I feel parents should have been made aware, first of all, for the safety concerns of our students," said Willie Lacy, Johnson's father.

Lacy said he didn't know about the alleged prank until, Wednesday--when his son told him. He said he still hasn't heard from any Lee administrators.

"Our students shouldn't have to fear coming to school and something happening to them," he said.

A district spokesperson told us everything had been "removed" by 8 a.m., Friday morning.

No one would interview with us, but the district did provide us with a written statement. In it, Jeff Collum, the executive director of student services said "the district is aware of the incidents" and "steps have been taken by campus administration" and Tyler ISD Police "to complete the investigation of those incidents and appropriate consequences will be given."

There is still word on how many students were involved.

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