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10/13/03 - Tyler

East Texas Reaction to Limbaugh's Addiction

Many of Rush Limbaugh's fans believe it's time to put politics aside and say a few prayers of support.

"I hate to see it for Rush or anybody," says a caller to Amy Glenn's talk show on KTBB radio. Glenn replies, "But, maybe with Rush it will help us rethink how we view this."

Rush Limbaugh's's addiction to prescription pain killers dominated the first hour of Amy Glenn's talk show on KTBB radio Monday morning.

"What we ought to be doing, I hope, is taking an object lesson from Rush and that this kind of tragedy can happen to anyone," says Glenn's.

Political talk surrounding Rush's addiction was kept to a minimum. Some East Texans were really concerned about the medical implications of narcotic painkiller abuse. "You know, darling there's no telling what he's going through," says Kathryn, a caller.  "He must have been in such severe pain."

Amy replies, "We have to keep in mind that most people who take narcotic pain medications do not become addicted to them, so there are legit uses for the medications."

Dr. Greg Pogue, a psychologist at ETMCs Behavioral Health Center, says patients usually start taking narcotic painkillers after surgery or an injury as Limbaugh's's admitted to doing. The clinic sees a large number of people hooked on drugs like Oxycontin, Morphine and Hydrocodone.

"It crosses all socio-economic classes," says Dr. Greg Pogue, a psychiatrist. "And we frequently see people who are affluent, middle class who begin taking them for legitimate reasons and then their use of the medication escalates."

Then they become addicted like Rush Limbaugh and fighting back against a painkiller dependency can be a long road.

"I would say it's probably at least as addicting as heroin," says Dr. Pogue.

Which is why one of Rush's faithfuls told Amy Glenn this, "I think the audience that is for Rush should all be praying for him."

Dana Dixon reporting

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