Bullet Proof Vests Protect Canine Officers

When a suspect is on the run, often a canine officer is on the front line of the search. Now the two canine officers at the Gregg County Sheriff's Department are equipped with bullet proof vests to help protect them.

Monday was only the second day dogs, Luctor and Daz, could train with the heavy vests. They are made with the same material as human vests and cost more than a thousand dollars a piece. The dog's trainers say it's worth it.

"It's important for the safety of the dog. Situations you send them in for building searches in case they're going in after an armed suspect whether they're armed with some type of weapon. They are bullet resistant and stab resistant," says Deputy Tracy Freeman.

Money for the bullet proof vests was donated by the Jayne Bigony State Farm Insurance Company in Longview.

Amy Tatum reporting.