Kids Golf Clinic at Pinecrest in Longview

Many take their health for granted, being able to do everyday things, but it's very special for some special kids who are mentally and physically challenged. Sponsored by the United States Golf Association, it was the 3rd annual Scottish Rite golf clinic day for kids with disabilities at Pinecrest Golf Club.

"We started a junior golf program for our patients so that we could introduce the game of golf to children with physical disabilities" said Scottish Rite therapist Dana Dempsey. The kids were treated to one-on-one instruction by golf pro's in the fine art of driving , chipping , and putting... and its hard to tell who was more impressed.

"They have no idea that there challenged they just think they've got the world in the palm of their hand when they see that golf ball get airborne and go in the right direction , its a lot of fun" according to Pinecrest golf pro Clayton Friend. It was a chance for the kids to do the same things that kids do... Play.

"I can't really play sports my friends can, i makes me feel like I'm like them, cause i can play sports" said 10 year old Blaine Balliett. And they hope events like these keep that fire burning... Bob Hallmark reporting.