Highway 80 Garage Sale Begins

For the next two weekends Highway 80 is loaded with garage sale items... It's the second annual U-S Hi-way 80 sales and fall road cruise. Vendors are expected to line over 200 miles for what's billed as the worlds longest garage sale. The bargain hunters paradise has anything and everything that you could ever want , or not want, for sale along Highway 80 from Arcadia Louisiana to Grand Prairie Texas... And even people from out of state are looking for hidden treasure.

"We're gonna work this thing all the way to Bossier City I guess if that's where it goes to" said New Mexico visitor Lebert Baskett.

"One mans trash, another man's treasure... And probably if you're looking for something you're going to find it at a garage sale" said Big Sandy vendor Jane Parsons. Anything from miniature Christmas trees to pictures of ladies wearing hairdryers... To mink stoles are on sale all along the route... Tempting everybody to stop for a deal a deal.

And business is already brisk from roadway travelers. The garage sale continues this weekend and next weekend. Bob Hallmark reporting.