Miranda Lambert Performs In Henderson

It's been a lot to absorb for 19 year old Miranda Lambert, from a finalist on Nashville Star to being asked by first lady Laura Bush to represent the U.S. in a concert in Paris, France.

"I wasn't sure what to think at first, I wasn't sure if a country act would be well accepted over in Paris," says Lambert. She was in Henderson Thursday, performing for the women's forum and reflecting on her meteoric rise to fame.

The surprise came to the Lambert family when they got a personal request from the first lady to have Miranda sing at a UNESCO concert, a cultural foreign exchange program, in Paris this summer.  Miranda had some concerns about how she would be received.

"That was the crowning blow for us realizing how far she'd come in two years, the state department called and actually wanted her to represent the United States", Miranda's mother Beverly Lambert says.

Things are looking up for Miranda.  A new recording contract on Sony music Nashville records comes up next month.

"I know in the future that I'll be in places where I'm not sure what they'll think of me, but here I know I'm loved no matter what," says Miranda.

Miranda's next performance will be this Saturday in Dallas as part of the Texas-Oklahoma football weekend.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.