Six Puppies Rescued After Being Abandoned in Smith Co.

Finally, some shelter for six little pups. Just six weeks old, somebody left them to fend for themselves on a lonely smith county road earlier this week.

"Well, when I got out of the car, the puppies came running up out of the ditch and sat on my shoes," says Frank Creath, Pct. 2 Smith County Constable.

Smith County Constable Frank Creath was the one who rescued the orphaned pets. He says the puppies wouldn't have survived long in the Shackelford Creek bottom.

"Certainly very lucky we got them when we did because of the wild animals out there in that bottom land, especially with coyotes," says Creath. "If they didn't get eaten they would have starved to death."

The six abandoned puppies were brought to Petland.  They are doing fine now, but when they were discovered they had ants all over them.

"I mean pretty horrible just to abandon something like this," says Robin Visniski. "But, they actually came through it pretty well. They have some bug bites on them, some ant bites."

Petland owner Robin Visniski says no puppy has to be dumped on the side of the road.

"That is the most cruel thing you can do is abandon them," says Visniski. "If you cannot keep them, and a lot people have situation they can't keep their puppies, then take them to the humane society."

And just like these six very lucky puppies, they can get the shots they need, a family they need and never have to suffer.

Dana Dixon Reporting