Gladewater Police Officer Fired After Domino Incident

Many in Gladewater are asking why well liked and well respected police officer Jason Weeks was fired from the police force. Weeks was released in September after an unidentified woman complained that Weeks had been playing dominoes at an area meeting place.

"We got a complaint about him being down there for a while, we did some checking and sure enough he was" said police chief Jimmy Davis.

"This is the first I've heard of it this is a small town.  I think you have to take that into consideration he's on his lunch hour that seems pretty common for a small town" said area businesswoman Donna Seldon. We first met Jason Weeks after last May's dramatic Gladewater bank shooting, in which he was wounded by a ricochet and singled out for bravery in the line of duty.

But according to the police chief, Weeks had some other problems and the domino incident was the final straw. But locals think Weeks' domino playing was part of his interacting in the community, and making himself well known and only played on his lunch break.

"There was times when he was here on his lunch break and he got a call and he was gone," said Weeks supporter Monty Graham. Weeks was officially fired for insubordination, improper conduct and violation of policy. Weeks plans legal action to be reinstated.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.